Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know, I know, I know! Ebay is ancient... but I have discovered how much I truly love to bid on things and win them on ebay! How much fun is that! My first win was a pretty good one! I got a new rotary cutter for my blanket making business! I got it for a steal that's for sure! My next pretty big win was this a faux ipod! I have yet to get it in the mail because it's coming from Hong Kong, but I cannot wait to get it! I definitely got a deal... $21.50! I also ordered some headphones to go with it that I only paid.... get this..... $0.99!!!!!!!!! WOW! And they are the cutest things ever.....
I have had to put myself on a budget so that I don't over spend.... but it is so exciting getting stuff in the mail! I will report back once I get my ipod and let you all know how awesome it turns out to be!

Friday, October 16, 2009

"Nanner's" Christmas Giveaway!

Some of you may know that my big sis, "Nanner" is in the process of concieving! She and her DH, Darling Husband, have been trying for some time, however, their past attempts have been unsuccessful. She has created an IVF Fund so that they may save toward their next step for conception. This particular IVF fundraiser has made me want to post about it! I have a slight motive behind my madness! If you have been following me, you know that I have started a new hobby last week and have since decided to donated one of my blankets to her next Christmas Giveaway...

This is the link to her website so that you too may enter to win! There are several prizes this go round and I hope you choose help her and her DH by entering this Christmas Givesaway.

I hope you all visit Nanner and do what you can to help them Growing Their Own Garden!

-Happiness makes up in height want it lacks in length
~Author Unknown

Friday, October 9, 2009


I have decided to take up a new hobby!

One of the lady's at work makes these really cute blankets! I took a look at one she had just finished and decided that it was something that I would like to do!

Isn't that the cutest blanket ever?

I purchased my first couple of yards of fabric this past weekend and quickly realized it will take more than just a pair of scissors and time to create such a cute blanket! I had my friend bring up her supplies to show me what she uses and once I make one more trip to the fabric store, I will be set to start my new hobby!

This is the fabric I purchased to do my first blanket!

I will be selling these blankets once I get all my materials/supplies. These make adorable baby blankets, blankets to just cuddle on the couch with and they are thoughtful gifts for sitting in the bleachers at the Friday night football games! (Just a few suggestions)! If there is someone special that you might want to buy a blanket for, I will take orders via email at LishaP16@gmail.com, or call/text me. The price will vary depending if I purchase the material or if you purchase the material and according to size: adult or baby.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doin"
-Walt Disney

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Embarrassing Confessions!

I was reading my sister, Lianna's blog yesterday, and decided to join in on her Top 10 Embarrassing Confessions!

1. I brush my teeth in the shower, I think this is hereditary!
2. I have to have a drink sitting by the bed at all times! What... I get thursty in my sleep!
3. I wait till the last possible MINUTE to get out of bed in the morning to get dressed for work! I am very lazy in the morning and not a morning person AT ALL!
4. I secretly want to still be a singer as my career choice! But I understand that I am a normal person and will work like a normal person for the remainder! But man I wish I was a star! (LOL)
5. I love to wear Pajama's, as soon as I get home from work that is the first thing I do, change into my "PJ's" and am in them the rest of the night!
6. I hate to answer the front door! I'm not sure when this came about but I hate to answer or knock on anyone's front door! I know I'm very weird!!!
7. I love love love to eat Pizza! I have learned to refrain my self in the last several years, but I used to eat an entire medium pepperoni pizza all by myself! (That was in my depression days!)
8. I am extremely bad with money! I have enlisted my Dad as my accountant so that I can be better about maintaining my accounts
9. I never read as a child! I use to sit at the table and cry for hours on end before I would even pick up a book to open even the first page! But know that I have gotten older and apparently a little more knowledgable, I read ALL THE TIME! I love to read now! How strange the way things change the older you get!
10. I enjoy eating my chocolate frozen! Plain M&M's in the freezer are the best!

Okay, now it's your turn! What are some of your embarrassing confessions?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This last week marks the beginning of the Flu Season! Work has been horrible! EVERYONE has been calling with upper respiratory infections and flu like symptoms and such! So needless to say...(insert sniffle here...) I have gotten sick also! It hit me fast on Thursday and by Friday I was home sick with a sinus infection! Thank goodness it wasn't the full fledged flu (say that 10 times fast!) but I sure felt like it was! I did however, get my flu vaccination early, so that helped the situation!

Only problem was Mom and Dad went to Florida for the weekend and I was on dog duty! I guess the dogs could sense my being sick because they were all super great and slept with me just about the entire weekend!

To top off the horrindous work weeks, since this is the flu season, NO MORE 1/2 days until the storm has subsided!!!! YUK! Yesterday was my first day back from being out sick which was Tuesday, normally I would be leaving at noon but NOPE...I ended up staying until 5:30pm...the paychecks will be great, but man is it going to be hard having to work a full week! Im spoiled to that 1/2 day! Hopefully by MARCH we will be back to our "regularly scheduled program"!

Of course we have been dealing with the Swine Flu! We have had a couple of cases that came back positive but not that many! Lucky us!!!

So wish me luck that this nasty bug doesn't hang around for very long!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


This apartment hunting thing is not going to quickly! There aren't too many places in baytown that are all that great! My mom did pose a great question Sunday, "Whats keeping you in Baytown, Lisha?"

Which brings me to my topic of the day...."WHY STAY IN BAYTOWN?"

I mean its not all that great, its just a city, i have a vehicle to get me back if i need to come visit the parentals and work is in Laporte! So why not move there? Can you tell this is a blog to convince myself that I need to take a leap of faith and, as Nike says, JUST DO IT(cliche' #1)? Well, hopefully after I have finished this blog I will indeed be pumped about possibly moving to LaPorte and trying new things!

I have been looking through the Baytown Sun to see what my options are for houses or apartments! With some "words of wisdom" from mom, I think I have choosen the option of either a duplex or an apartment, considering I do not own a lawn mower NOR am I not the "outdoorsy" type I don't think a house would be my best option for now! ( I have a little more growing up to do! :) )

So for now the apartment/duplex/place of my own hunt is still a foot! Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn....Flat Tire!!!!

Not a lot has been going on with me the last few days! But true to my promise I will post regardless! LOL!!! I have not been having so much luck lately with my car! I guess that is why I never got a used car in the past! But my little "Maroon POS" will last me until I can get a brand new car!

Yesterday morning, I get up, mind you ready to leave in plenty of time to stop by, if you follow me on Twitter, LishaP16, my "boyfriend" Ronald's...most know his chain as "McDonalds" (we are on a first name basis!) to get my daily Dr. Pepper, and lo and behold...(dun dun duhhhh...) I have a flat tire! UGHHHH!!! How aggravating is this! Expecially since I JUST stopped on Tuesday to have a tire shop check my pressure, since Dad said they were "looking a little low"!

Needless to say, I was about 30 minutes late to work!

First of all, my Super Hero Dad, wouldn't answer his cell, I hate those ExxonMobil meetings! Im outside in the garage trying to figure out how to use his air compressor, 20 minutes later, I realize I WAS using the correct part about 15 minutes earlier, just wasn't pushing it in all the way! WAY TO GO LISHA!!!! Tire aired up, I went back inside to tell Mom I was leaving, oh, did I mention Mom came out to "help me" about 15 minute into my attempts at airing up the tire and UNPLUGGED the machine! HA! That added about 5 minutes of, "What the heck is going on", to my time!

When I'm on my way out the door the phone rings at the house and who is it???? DAD! Just a few minutes late, might I add, to help me out with his machine! But he did lend me a word of advise, "You should take it to Discount Tire to get it patched up! They can do it in about 10 minutes and only cost you $5- $10!"Off to work I go, with a newly aired up tire and worries that it will deflate at work and cause me to call Super Hero (SH) Dad, all the way out to LaPorte to rescue me! However, thank the Lord, I checked it at lunch and no flat tire and again as I was leaving at 5pm and still no flat tire!

Leaving this morning Dad did mention that it looked "a little low" again! But it was still aired up this morning!I guess a few things did happen that seemed menial to me but quite funny when typed out! Lets just hope that my run of bad luck is ending soon!