Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am I too little, too late???????

Okay, I know it has been FOREVER since my last post! I'm sorry! I just don't think I am that interesting to have a blog... however, I do have some interesting issues that have risen since my last post.... UH WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! That seems so menial, but history has been made! :) I just have to say that I have now seen a new side to my father since he was elected! ( I do mean Obamah, not my Dad! HA) I do love our conversations on the way home from work!
As some of you might know, I have always been a "Daddy's Girl", although, I have been replaced recently, by Tootsie, my parents first furbaby of the pack! :) Which I can willingly give my position to, since she is a dog and all.... But my point is, since I still do not have my own transportation, I have had to rely on dad to pick me up in the evenings from work, and have gotten to know a little more about his views and outlook on the new President! Those conversations will remain between the two of us, but I do have to say that I enjoy the 15-20 minute ride home! I know that was a let down for not elaborating on the issues we talk about, but we talk about so many things, I just don't have the space to type it all!
So, that being said.... Hows that new President working out these days... Dad is my informant on the issues at hand!
I did preface this posting by saying I'm not that interesting enough to post a Blog... but I will keep at it, and I will soon get the hang of it... :)

I have no quote for tonight... but I do know one thing...

If you can't say nothin' nice... don't say nothin' at all....
-Thumper from Bambi

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ringing in the "New Year"

Unlike most people my age, I decided to "ring in the new year" uneventfully!!!! I had planned to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing.... then I got a few drinks in me!!! :) I decided after a gently nudge from a friend of mine, Sher... who happens to be an ex-student from my office. I went to a house party, thrown by my office manager, Liz's husbands uncle! I know, try to keep up! But, we had a very good time, even though we didn't know hardly anyone there except Liz, Rey (her husband), and a few people that I had met from Liz's birthday party in November. However, Sher didn't know anyone but Liz and me! I did get mistaken by one of the guys as Sher's wife, which was very amusing!!! After midnight, Liz and her Hubby had to go because he had to be to work early the next morning! Which means shortly there after, Sher and I left as well. We did go on a hunt for a Tattoo place, I was up for it, if he was!!! Thankfully, nothing was open on New Years! LOL.....

New Year's day was OK, because I had such an uneventful night I was no where near hungover! I spent the day sleeping for the most part, then with Tedra! We decided to go to the casanitos and play some games! I played for about 2 hours on $5!!! Which is so illegal! Shhhh don't tell anyone! :)

On Friday, I had to return to work! YUK!! We had a very light day considering we were the only office in the entire hospital open! Liz called a meeting for our lunch break and then we came back, the billing girl and I, to an office of NO PATIENTS!!! But, after about an hour, my mom called and said that she really wanted to see my doctor! Which all in all is very upsetting to me because she is never sick enough to see a doctor. much less a cardiologist! So, I was and still am very worried about her! (which is another blog in itself!)

Then came the best part of my whole weekend.... I got to go play BINGO with Ramirez, Carmen, Ramirez's niece, and Tedra!!!! OH MY GOD!!! So much fun!!! (and OH MY GOD. I sound so old!)We, and I am assuming this goes for everyone. had such a great time! None of us won anything, but it was still so much fun that I can't wait to go back!

I will promise though not to wait to post so long so that I don't forget anything about my days!!! I have a tendency to do that! But for now... this is enough to process and will remember the rest of the weekend on my next post! I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years and is keeping up with there resolutions!! I have already broken mine, or at least I have broken the first 2 on gone on to the 3rd!!! LOL.... But to all a good night and a safe Happy New Year to come! :)

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living.
—Gail Sheehy