Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn....Flat Tire!!!!

Not a lot has been going on with me the last few days! But true to my promise I will post regardless! LOL!!! I have not been having so much luck lately with my car! I guess that is why I never got a used car in the past! But my little "Maroon POS" will last me until I can get a brand new car!

Yesterday morning, I get up, mind you ready to leave in plenty of time to stop by, if you follow me on Twitter, LishaP16, my "boyfriend" Ronald's...most know his chain as "McDonalds" (we are on a first name basis!) to get my daily Dr. Pepper, and lo and behold...(dun dun duhhhh...) I have a flat tire! UGHHHH!!! How aggravating is this! Expecially since I JUST stopped on Tuesday to have a tire shop check my pressure, since Dad said they were "looking a little low"!

Needless to say, I was about 30 minutes late to work!

First of all, my Super Hero Dad, wouldn't answer his cell, I hate those ExxonMobil meetings! Im outside in the garage trying to figure out how to use his air compressor, 20 minutes later, I realize I WAS using the correct part about 15 minutes earlier, just wasn't pushing it in all the way! WAY TO GO LISHA!!!! Tire aired up, I went back inside to tell Mom I was leaving, oh, did I mention Mom came out to "help me" about 15 minute into my attempts at airing up the tire and UNPLUGGED the machine! HA! That added about 5 minutes of, "What the heck is going on", to my time!

When I'm on my way out the door the phone rings at the house and who is it???? DAD! Just a few minutes late, might I add, to help me out with his machine! But he did lend me a word of advise, "You should take it to Discount Tire to get it patched up! They can do it in about 10 minutes and only cost you $5- $10!"Off to work I go, with a newly aired up tire and worries that it will deflate at work and cause me to call Super Hero (SH) Dad, all the way out to LaPorte to rescue me! However, thank the Lord, I checked it at lunch and no flat tire and again as I was leaving at 5pm and still no flat tire!

Leaving this morning Dad did mention that it looked "a little low" again! But it was still aired up this morning!I guess a few things did happen that seemed menial to me but quite funny when typed out! Lets just hope that my run of bad luck is ending soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The Parentals and I had dinner with my Great Grandfather, Pawpaw Watkins, on Thursday night. That man is so amazing, first off he is 101 years old! Yes you read that correctly....One HUNDRED and One years old! WOW!

PawPaw Watkins' 101 Birthday...with all the grandchildren

All the knowledge and stories he has is fascinating! The best part is, he is completely aware of what is going on in the world and remembers all his travels and can even remember when is the best time to plant all kinds of things!

For example, he was talking to my dad and telling him how someone in the family is currently "on the Internet" I mean, he actually knows what the Internet is and I believe he gave my dad the web address! He also was helping mom with what are the best vegetables to be planting this time of year!

I think the best part of the whole meal was when he was about to leave and he "made me a deal"! Let me preface this "deal" with making sure you all know, he has this recipe for THE BEST PICKLES EVER!!!!!!
Pawpaw's Pickles...don't they look yummy?

And I'm not just bias....I have had several people throughout the years try his wonderful pickles and they all agree they are the best ever!

Well, he wanted to know what I have been doing to quench my pickle appetite since I have not been getting pickles from him, and thanks to his daughter, my grand"Mother", I have been lucky enough to keep a jar of pickles close at hand! So this deal consists of only one thing.... " when your dad takes me home, how 'bout I send him back with some jars of pickles"? And do you think I told him no? HECK NO!!!!!! Needless to say I now have TWO jars of Pawpaw's Pickles in the fridge!

Its is just amazing to be able to sit and listen to the stories and the ideals he has! He has been through so much, The Great Depression, multiple Presidents, to Africa on a Safari, to England and just about all over the world, and yet he still gets up every day and spends just about 90% of the day outside in his garden!And don't let his age fool you, he still votes and he still has his political views that he will openly express! If ever you have the opportunity to speak with him, just listen to all the passion and knowledge he has for life!

He is truly and amazing man!One last thing, I must say thank you to Pawpaw Watkins for being such a prominent figure in my life and sharing so much his life experiences with all who come into contact with him!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long Time No Blog!!

OK OK OK! Sorry, it has been 6 months since my last post! I know that I am not all that good at being a continuous blogger, but I am willing to try this blogging world again!

Just a few things have gone on since my last post!

1) I got a new job, I now work in LaPorte at a busy family practice office, and am adjusting well to the commute (those of you who know me, know I HATE driving....with a capital H A T E!) but I am doing well since Hwy 146 has now opened up and its a straight shot to LaPorte!

2) I got a car...yah after two years of being without transportation, man is it lovely to be able to go and do what I want and not ask to use someones's a 1996 Honda Accord!

3)I also have been looking for an apartment! Easier said than done! Don't you all agree that considering I'm 31 years old, I shouldn't STILL be living with the Parentals?

It is a little intimidating being on your own, but hey, everyone has to experience it sometime! As for those three things I am pretty much living the same life as I have been! WOW did I mention I'm not that interesting of a blogger? But according to my wonderful sister Lianna, some people like to just read blogs, to know what others are doing on a daily basis (me included)!

Monday Monday Monday! What an awful word, to those of us in the work force! LOL!!!! I just hate the ending of a weekend! But I gotta pay the bills some how, Right? (what bills!)

I know this wasn't a long blog, but it is a start at what hopefully will be a continuous blogging effort on my part!

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.
—Henri Bergson