Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know, I know, I know! Ebay is ancient... but I have discovered how much I truly love to bid on things and win them on ebay! How much fun is that! My first win was a pretty good one! I got a new rotary cutter for my blanket making business! I got it for a steal that's for sure! My next pretty big win was this a faux ipod! I have yet to get it in the mail because it's coming from Hong Kong, but I cannot wait to get it! I definitely got a deal... $21.50! I also ordered some headphones to go with it that I only paid.... get this..... $0.99!!!!!!!!! WOW! And they are the cutest things ever.....
I have had to put myself on a budget so that I don't over spend.... but it is so exciting getting stuff in the mail! I will report back once I get my ipod and let you all know how awesome it turns out to be!