Monday, September 7, 2009


This apartment hunting thing is not going to quickly! There aren't too many places in baytown that are all that great! My mom did pose a great question Sunday, "Whats keeping you in Baytown, Lisha?"

Which brings me to my topic of the day...."WHY STAY IN BAYTOWN?"

I mean its not all that great, its just a city, i have a vehicle to get me back if i need to come visit the parentals and work is in Laporte! So why not move there? Can you tell this is a blog to convince myself that I need to take a leap of faith and, as Nike says, JUST DO IT(cliche' #1)? Well, hopefully after I have finished this blog I will indeed be pumped about possibly moving to LaPorte and trying new things!

I have been looking through the Baytown Sun to see what my options are for houses or apartments! With some "words of wisdom" from mom, I think I have choosen the option of either a duplex or an apartment, considering I do not own a lawn mower NOR am I not the "outdoorsy" type I don't think a house would be my best option for now! ( I have a little more growing up to do! :) )

So for now the apartment/duplex/place of my own hunt is still a foot! Wish me luck!


Lianna Knight said...

I agree...move to LaPorte...or even in one of those apartments on off of that street where the James Avery is...Spencer?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I agree as well! LaPorte is really close to Baytown..I mean we go there at least once a week for El Toros! :) Just get you a SAFE place that isn't too hard on the pocketbook. You can do you!

I Love To Ponder said...

Tia Lisha,

Laporte is still close enough for you to get your Jordyn fix. That would get anyone through anything!! It was great seeing you today. Love Ya Bunches