Thursday, September 24, 2009


This last week marks the beginning of the Flu Season! Work has been horrible! EVERYONE has been calling with upper respiratory infections and flu like symptoms and such! So needless to say...(insert sniffle here...) I have gotten sick also! It hit me fast on Thursday and by Friday I was home sick with a sinus infection! Thank goodness it wasn't the full fledged flu (say that 10 times fast!) but I sure felt like it was! I did however, get my flu vaccination early, so that helped the situation!

Only problem was Mom and Dad went to Florida for the weekend and I was on dog duty! I guess the dogs could sense my being sick because they were all super great and slept with me just about the entire weekend!

To top off the horrindous work weeks, since this is the flu season, NO MORE 1/2 days until the storm has subsided!!!! YUK! Yesterday was my first day back from being out sick which was Tuesday, normally I would be leaving at noon but NOPE...I ended up staying until 5:30pm...the paychecks will be great, but man is it going to be hard having to work a full week! Im spoiled to that 1/2 day! Hopefully by MARCH we will be back to our "regularly scheduled program"!

Of course we have been dealing with the Swine Flu! We have had a couple of cases that came back positive but not that many! Lucky us!!!

So wish me luck that this nasty bug doesn't hang around for very long!!

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Lianna Knight said...

I have been lucky and haven't gotten sick at all yet...I'm SO surprised :)