Friday, October 9, 2009


I have decided to take up a new hobby!

One of the lady's at work makes these really cute blankets! I took a look at one she had just finished and decided that it was something that I would like to do!

Isn't that the cutest blanket ever?

I purchased my first couple of yards of fabric this past weekend and quickly realized it will take more than just a pair of scissors and time to create such a cute blanket! I had my friend bring up her supplies to show me what she uses and once I make one more trip to the fabric store, I will be set to start my new hobby!

This is the fabric I purchased to do my first blanket!

I will be selling these blankets once I get all my materials/supplies. These make adorable baby blankets, blankets to just cuddle on the couch with and they are thoughtful gifts for sitting in the bleachers at the Friday night football games! (Just a few suggestions)! If there is someone special that you might want to buy a blanket for, I will take orders via email at, or call/text me. The price will vary depending if I purchase the material or if you purchase the material and according to size: adult or baby.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doin"
-Walt Disney


Lianna Knight said...

CUTE idea!! Love them!!

Anonymous said...

Love them! So proud of you and your new hobby! :) That pink and Zebra print one is to die for! :) Love it...Maybe you can send one to school with me and I can take orders! :) Love you!

TriciaNae said...

I love these types of blankets!! I have a zebra and teal one...and I love it!! Good luck with your hobby/business!