Monday, August 24, 2009


The Parentals and I had dinner with my Great Grandfather, Pawpaw Watkins, on Thursday night. That man is so amazing, first off he is 101 years old! Yes you read that correctly....One HUNDRED and One years old! WOW!

PawPaw Watkins' 101 Birthday...with all the grandchildren

All the knowledge and stories he has is fascinating! The best part is, he is completely aware of what is going on in the world and remembers all his travels and can even remember when is the best time to plant all kinds of things!

For example, he was talking to my dad and telling him how someone in the family is currently "on the Internet" I mean, he actually knows what the Internet is and I believe he gave my dad the web address! He also was helping mom with what are the best vegetables to be planting this time of year!

I think the best part of the whole meal was when he was about to leave and he "made me a deal"! Let me preface this "deal" with making sure you all know, he has this recipe for THE BEST PICKLES EVER!!!!!!
Pawpaw's Pickles...don't they look yummy?

And I'm not just bias....I have had several people throughout the years try his wonderful pickles and they all agree they are the best ever!

Well, he wanted to know what I have been doing to quench my pickle appetite since I have not been getting pickles from him, and thanks to his daughter, my grand"Mother", I have been lucky enough to keep a jar of pickles close at hand! So this deal consists of only one thing.... " when your dad takes me home, how 'bout I send him back with some jars of pickles"? And do you think I told him no? HECK NO!!!!!! Needless to say I now have TWO jars of Pawpaw's Pickles in the fridge!

Its is just amazing to be able to sit and listen to the stories and the ideals he has! He has been through so much, The Great Depression, multiple Presidents, to Africa on a Safari, to England and just about all over the world, and yet he still gets up every day and spends just about 90% of the day outside in his garden!And don't let his age fool you, he still votes and he still has his political views that he will openly express! If ever you have the opportunity to speak with him, just listen to all the passion and knowledge he has for life!

He is truly and amazing man!One last thing, I must say thank you to Pawpaw Watkins for being such a prominent figure in my life and sharing so much his life experiences with all who come into contact with him!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!


kjillp said...

What a very nice post. And I wholeheartedly agree...PawPaw is the GREATEST!!

Love you bunches!!

I Love To Ponder said...

Lisha, that was awesome. I thank God everyday that he picked us to spend the rest of life with. We had a blast planning his 100th party last year, and he had a blast at the party. You are right about the political views and he doesn't care what or when he says them. When the paper did an article on him for voting at the age of 100, I asked to please edit anything I didn't think appropiate. But, he did very well in the interview. He is not outside as much right now because it is so darn hot!!!
My favorite time right now with him is when we are eating dinner, and Jordyn always sits beside him and when he talks,it is like she is listening to everything he has to say. When talks to her she just smiles or giggles at him, and the very most favorite is when he sings her night night and she just stares into his eyes. Thank you for posting such an awesome post about him!! We love you Tia Lisha, Jordyn is sitting in my lap as I am writing this. I think she said she misses her Tia Lisha. Love you sweet girl.

Lianna Knight said...

I could NOT agree more :) He is one special person!!!