Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Plans

Okay so the last couple of days have been absolutely treacherous! My Doctor, I work for a Cardiologist in Baytown at the local hospital, has come back from his vacation of 3 weeks! Yikes! So, needless to say, I have been a busy little bee at work! My office manager was sick today and we had 16 patients scheduled to come in and there are only 3 of us in the office, one to run the front, (me), pull the patients in a room, (me), get the patients charts electronically ready for the doctor to see them, (me), do EKG's on the patients, (me), one to sit in the office with the doctor because he doesn't like to click on the mouse and likes to have someone in there in case the patient does not understand him, he's from Pakistan, his office manager does this, and lastly one to do the billing! I have quite a lot of hats at work, along with answering phones, scheduling patients for appointments, stress tests and the other scheduling that needs to be done, along with multiple other things to do! So, when the doctor is there and one of us is sick it is VERY VERY VERY crazy! To top that off the one that is there to help me today, the billing lady, was sick as well, I assume my office manager got her sick, so I have been running around the office today like a chicken with its "head cut off"! I am so tired after such a day that I almost didn't even want to check my emails! So, enough of my rambling about work, I should just be happy that I have a job and am getting paid to do the job I love!

This year my family and I have chosen to spend Christmas differently. We, and I mean my mom, dad, sister Tedra, and I have decided to go to Jacksonville, Florida to spend Christmas with my big sister Lianna and her DH (her acronym for Darling Husband) David. I am really looking forward to this trip, for several reasons. One, it will be a road trip with just Tedra and myself, because mom and dad will be leaving on Friday to go up early. Two, I have never spent one single Christmas out of the state of Texas and not at my parents home! So, this is going to be an interesting Christmas! Tedra and I have planned on leaving December 23 and coming back on December 28 so that I can be back to work on Monday December 29! Lots to do between now and then! I have absolutely nothing to wear, and now that I think about it, am not sure what we are going to be doing during my visit! Mom and dad are busy planning there trip and like I said will be leaving earlier than us, they have two stops to make on the way! I am just excited to get to spend Christmas with the family in a new environment!

Lots to get together as this week seems to be flying by....

As Benjamin Franklin once said, "never leave that till tomorrow, which you could do today!"

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