Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho... It's off to work I go

After a much needed rest, I returned to work today! And, WOW, was it a busy, busy day! I did not have as many patients, and I do mean people and not tolerance, as I would have thought for the day after a Holiday, but I still worked myself to the bone. Which made me glad that I decided to go with Tedra yesterday to pamper myself to a pedicure, because boy do my feet hurt after running around the office! This is what worries me, we are getting a new office soon,(in the middle of March '09) and it is more than double what we are currently occupying.... scary huh! I just hope that they hire more people, that way we are not working an office with 3, yes you read correctly.... THREE people!
Enough about work... I had enough of that today, or at least enough to last me until tomorrow...
I did, however, have a great lunch. Tedra came and picked me up, we at at Schlotzsky's, which is this awesome deli in town that has the oddest sandwiches (odd in this case is great)! They are just different! This only took us about 3o minutes out of my hour lunch, so we decided to head to Target... doesn't seem like a fun filled lunch hour to most, but just being able to spend the time with someone who will listen to me complain about almost EVERYTHING makes it worth it! (Man do I love, love, love me an hour of Tedra in the middle of the day!)
This concludes my day, considering I am posting at the beginning of a new day. Like I told you in the beginning, I still have doubts as to whether my life warrants a BLOG! Off to bed I go, so that I may be off to work tomorrow....

A man's fortune must first be changed from within.
—Chinese Proverb

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Lianna Knight said...

Why are you getting a new office? Because of the hurricane? need to post that you have a blog and the url on your facebook page. That way others will see it and read's fun getting comments. YOu might also want to comment on other people's blogs. They'll check your blog out if you leave a comment on theirs :)