Sunday, December 14, 2008

A day in the life of a Pryncess!

Just a little about myself... I am 30 years old (and having issues with not being 20 something anymore) and STILL, yes I admit it, still living with my parents! I have a self proclaimed name of being the Pryncess of the family and have adapted the name to suite me! You see I do not like to write I's, hence the Y in Prycness! I like to be unique! I don't do a whole lot outside of work, which I love by the way, but I am trying to venture out and do more these days and as they say "broaden my horizon's!"

Today, to begin my day, as any other day, I woke up to my one true love.... Gynger... (again with the Y's no I's for me)! She's my chiweenie dog. A Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, and she is so great, I just love her to pieces... it also helps that she loves me unconditionally (which is something I definitely need).

Due to it being the weekend, it was pretty bland around here and nothing major happened! However, on Friday night I did venture out to a local club and went karaoke singing! I have an infatuation with singing karaoke! I went, for the first time mind you, with my co-workers, and we had fun! With only one mishap... my office manager Liz lost her cell phone! (oops... that's the second one in a 2 month period, needless to say her husband wasn't very happy with her). Well after a few songs on the wonderful stage... I just love love love singing... I was ready to come home... I am very much a home body, but being the inebriated co-workers that they were, they were not ready to go. So two hours later we were finally in the car and headed back to good ol' Baytown (also needless to say, I was the DD, designated driver). We made it home and of course the parents were NOT happy with me for staying out until 2am, but at least I'm getting back out there and trying to have fun, albeit with drunks... lol!

So, that is it for my weekend, recovering from Friday night, sleeping a lot and reading my book "Dirty Blonde" by Lisa Scottoline (great book)! Good night to all and I will probably have a lot to post tomorrow, my Doctor is back from a three week vacation to Pakistan and I just know it is going to be really crazy!

As my mother always says quoting Scarlet "Tomorrow is another day".

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Jill said...

Welcome to the BLOG world....have fun.
Love you bunches, MoM